POEZIE: E beznă acolo jos!

Meditând la marea diferență dintre a trăi viața fără să iei în calcul faptul că totul este trecător, că oricând se poate termina, și că trăind după pornirile inimii noastre avem „marea șansă” să ne pomenim direct în IAD, când plecam de aici… și de partea cealaltă șansa reală de a trăi veșnic după ce … Citește mai departePOEZIE: E beznă acolo jos!

Who is Your Friend?

For a long time I wanted to write something about friendship and friends, about who we think our friends are, and about who truly are our friends. Nowhere have I seen as much deception and disappointment regarding friends and friendship as here in prison. After many discussions with different prisoners, I found out that almost … Citește mai departeWho is Your Friend?


I was often asked, why Jesus Christ? I performed in sports, I visited many countries, I did many things, good and bad, I had a house, a beautiful family, I had everything I needed in order to be happy. Then some people asked why Jesus Christ, when everything seems to be arranged well in your … Citește mai departeWHY JESUS CHRIST?

I Saw Only the Gold

I came across an interesting subject about which to write to you. I pray that God can use these thoughts to speak to many. An old Asian tale recounts the story of a man that all his life coveted gold. One day he went to a jewelry mark et. Seeing so much shining gold, he … Citește mai departeI Saw Only the Gold