Who is Your Friend?

For a long time I wanted to write something about friendship and friends, about who we think our friends are, and about who truly are our friends. Nowhere have I seen as much deception and disappointment regarding friends and friendship as here in prison. After many discussions with different prisoners, I found out that almost … Citește mai departeWho is Your Friend?


I was often asked, why Jesus Christ? I performed in sports, I visited many countries, I did many things, good and bad, I had a house, a beautiful family, I had everything I needed in order to be happy. Then some people asked why Jesus Christ, when everything seems to be arranged well in your … Citește mai departeWHY JESUS CHRIST?

I Saw Only the Gold

I came across an interesting subject about which to write to you. I pray that God can use these thoughts to speak to many. An old Asian tale recounts the story of a man that all his life coveted gold. One day he went to a jewelry mark et. Seeing so much shining gold, he … Citește mai departeI Saw Only the Gold